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The Macarthur Makeovers team have been specialising in bridal hair and makeup for over 20 years!
Macarthur Makeovers
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Address: Spring Farm New South Wales
Phone: 0246582074
Type: Service Provider
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  • Macarthur, Southern Highlands, Wollongong and Penrith regions of NSW
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Macarthur Makeovers

Macarthur Makeovers is an exclusive boutique salon located in a private and professional home salon in Spring Farm (Camden) NSW, which also offers a mobile hair and makeup service for weddings and other special occasions.

​ Our salon treatments and products include;

  • Facials/Skin treatments - for clearer, younger, and healthy looking skin
  • Hair styling services - for beautiful, glamourous, healthy & shiny hair
  • Makeup application - for a flawless finish to compliment your beautiful hair and skin
  • Optimum Health & nutritional products - for total inner health and wellbeing
  • Jewellery - to complete your special outfit

Macarthur Makeovers has a unique concept of total health and wellbeing, "making over" each client, from the inside out.

We are firm believers that how you look on the outside, is a direct reflection on how you feel on the inside.

We believe in an eco-friendly and organic option to traditional hair and beauty salon products and services, and also use local Australian Made wherever possible.

You can also find the Macarthur Makeovers team at selected special events and expos across the Macarthur, Southern Highlands, Wollongong and Penrith regions of NSW.

by appointment only

(02) 4658 2074

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